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To empower the students to suit them to the needs of corporate and to make them to be competent in the global technical market.


1.To acquire knowledge in the area of mathematics, software Engineering, Hardware, Programming language and Algorithms to get expertised in Computer Science and Engineering

2.To apply the knowledge of Computer Science Engineering with a view to solve the real life problems and to get potentially enlightened.

3.To impart entrepreneurial skills among students, a framework comprised with multidisciplinary aspects is designed.

4.To encourage continuous Self learning, interaction with the industry and academia through internship and industrial visit along with communication skills.


1.To provide students with a strong foundation in mathematical necessary to formulate, solve and analyze computer science & engineering problems. To develop the ability among students to understand, analyze, design and apply current technology.

2.To provide opportunities to students to broaden their educational experiences for the changing requirements of the industry through strong communication, leadership and entrepreneurial skills along with self-learning.

3.To encourage the students in research and inquiry leading to innovation and appropriate apply knowledge of societal impacts of computing technology with ethical and professional responsibilities of their work.

4.To prepare graduates to be successfully employed in the right role and achieve career succession in industry/R&D organization, to take up higher education programs and to pursuit lifelong learning.

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The Computer Science and Engineering department was established in 2000. The objective of the department is to train and develop students into professionals following the ethics for building the intellectual capital of the society. The department is witnessing the exciting growth in exercising the recent technologies and its excellence.


We are provide a high equipment labs , peacefull classroom, High speed WIFI Internet

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